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Propagating Japanese Toad Lily-Tricyrtis Japonica

Japanese Toad Lily orchid like

Japanese Toad Lily orchid like

Propagating Japanese Toad Lilies is pretty easy, in fact they seem to do this themselves just like Oriental Lilies.  The bulbs produce scales that you can remove, place in soil and watch them grow.  They also produce little bulblets that you can plant in peat pots.  All you have to do to find these is look.

There are a couple of ways to look for these. The first, is look around the base of an existing Toad Lily, this is my preferred method because I don’t have to dig them up. You will these little bulblets around the base of the plant. Simply pick these off and replant in a peat pot or similar. The second, is by removing scale offsets from the existing bulb. This is best done in early spring when you can dig up your existing Toad Lily bulb.  Some times if you are lucky, you can even find these scales right at the base of the plant close to the surface without even digging it up. Just root around the base a little with your fingers and you can find them. They look like a grape that has been cut in half.  In fact, I was inspecting some newly planted Toad Lilies the other day that I got this spring from Direct Gardening. Much to my surpise, I found a little plantlet already growning from bulbs that have been in the ground for less than a month.

Of course if you don’t have time to go inspecting for bulblets, you can let them do their own thing and before you know it, you will have additional plants coming up from the base of the original plants as early as their first season in the ground. After a few seasons, you will have lots of new plants which you can dig up and separate.

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