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Rose of Sharon Very Fast Growing Flowering Shrubs

I found 4SeasonsNurseries.com through a catalog given to me by a relative and thought I would give them a try. The prices were the best I have found anywhere so being skeptical, I kept my order small. After reviewing their catalog, I found the Rose of Sharons for under $2 each as they had a buy one get a second for a penny. I had seen them at Home Depot for $25 each so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with those prices and decided to order 6 of them. Order was placed in May of 2008 and the plants received 2-3 weeks later. The plants I received were 1-2 foot bare root stems with no leaves. Roots looked good so I preceeded to plant them according to the provided instructions.

To be honest I didn’t have much faith in them doing much but just 3 days after planting, the stems began to show signs of life. All 6 began to leaf at the same time and basically took off from there. As of this writing, they are now about 4-5 feet tall and growing nicely. All are full of flower buds which should emerge throughout this month. 3 of them have already produced their first flower! I was amazed by the flowering and vigor of these plants being that they have been in the ground for just 3 short months. In short, I am very satisfied with the purchase and have ordered many more plants from them. If you decide to purchase plants from 4SeasonsNurseries.com or any other retailer for that matter, I suggest that they are planted in the spring or early summer. This gives the bare root plants/trees some time to establish themselves before winter. This also eliminates any timing issues that occur from ordering in the Fall. By planting them in the Spring, you will not run into any issues if they arrive too lat or a little early versus ordering in the fall and getting them too early or too late. I should also mention that this plant is a late bloomer so give it plenty of time before pronouncing it dead. Bellow are some pics from the actual plants I have in my yard.

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