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Drought tolerant flowering ground cover

Moss Roses

Moss Roses

Moss Roses are for me, a new idea in the garden. My husband and I live in a state of “extremes”. Extreme heat, extreme cold, excessive rain and snow, you get the picture. All of these excessive weather elements have made it hard for us to find what really works where we live – kind of a trial and error for us. In the summer we get some serious heat with little to no rain for weeks at a time.

I’ve found a plant that can handle that, and that’s the Moss Rose. It does well pretty much anywhere dry; rock gardens, paver walkways and paths, along driveways, strawberry pots, etc. Moss Roses don’t grow very tall, only 4-8 inches, spreading to about 2 feet, so they are best suited as a ground cover. You could put them in strawberry pots or regular pots along with taller plants and put them on your deck or patio. They offer vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow and a bright green foliage.

These plants are great for people that forget to water because it’s encouraged to let them dry out before the next
watering, which should be sparingly when you do water. In fact, they thrive in heat and drought. The only downside
is that they don’t return the next year – meaning, you can’t leave them in he ground if you are prone to cold winters in your area. You could however, take them out of the ground and put them in a good mix of soil and sand in front of a sunny window. Once the end of winter has arrived, plant outdoors in a sunny spot.Give these cheery little plants a try, they’re sure to be a favorite addition to your garden.

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