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Drought Tolerant Sedum for Zone 7 – Autumn Joy

Automn Joy Sedum in Zone 7

Automn Joy Sedum in Zone 7

I recently discovered this little beauty after seeing it used in a landscape for a commercial building. The building is more modern and has windows that extend down to the sidewalk. Autumn Joy is planted in masses all along the length of the building up against the windows. It’s a very interesting sedum and has a resemblance to cauliflower or a head of broccoli.  The flowers are light, a creamy pale pink and in the fall turn to a deeper pink and eventually a deep rust.  What makes this sedum interesting is its vertical growing habit.  Reaching about 2 feet tall with brilliant flowers on top. They make an excellent addition to any landscape but particularly if you have an area that gets a lot of sun but are unable to water very often.

I planted them at our driveway entrance where there is sun about 8 hours out of the day. They stand upright and do not needed staking. I can’t stop admiring them – they’re just so cheery. The flowers attract butterflies and in the winter the dry flowers  provide some interest and food for birds. Once spring arrives, cut back by simply cuttting the dry stalk as new growth begins to emerge –  around February here in zone 7. They  were planted in a landscape that includes a variety of Rudbeckia such as Cherokee Sunset, Grandiflora and Cherry Brandy. Other plants also included are Giant Hardy Phlox, Red Hot Poker, Ajuga and Golden Yellow Creeping sedum. These colors are all similar – reds, burgandys, yellows, lime green and purple. It would also be attractive planted with Russian Sage, Lavendar, Alluim and Silver Mound. All of these plants are drought tolerant and require 6 to 8 hours of sun.

I would recommend any type of sedum because of the low maintenance and general hardiness that this type of plant offers. It is also good for people who live in lofts or places where container gardens are kept.  Autumn Joy happens to be one of the more interesting varieties so I highly recommend them!

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