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Exotic Tropical Dragon Arum

The Dragon Arum is a very unusual plant that will make a major impact in your garden. The Dragon Arum is a Mediterranean native that has exotic foliage and a very unique mottled stalk. Each year this plant produces a 3-foot stalk that produces an extremely exotic 18″ and beautiful deep red flower. The plant is usually planted as a large bulb measuring 2″-3″ in diameter. The bulb is best planted in an part sun areas that drain very wells because it will probably rot in soggy areas. Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s probably best to plant the bulb in spring or early summer versus the fall. I have planted this in the fall the plant did not come up. I think its best to let it establish itself during the summer months so that it has a better chance to make it through the winter. If you love exotic, interesting plants and want your garden to set itself apart every other, the you should give the Dragon Arum a try. Though they are not found in local nurseries and home centers, they are thoroughly available online for a very good price.

Plant Info:

Shade to partial sun

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