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Evergreen Euphorbia for Dry and Hot Full Sun Areas

Heat Tolerant Zone 7 Euphorbia

Heat Tolerant Zone 7 Euphorbia

One of my favorites is the Euphorbia.  This Mediterranean native is perfect for those extremely hot and dry areas of your garden. Even in the heat of the summer here in zone 7, the Euphorbia stays upright and colorful.  Despite it’s bullet proofness, this plant has the daintiest, unique and delicate little flowers you will ever see.  Quite amazing for a really tough plant.  The plant has an upright branching habit growing to about 1-2 feet and comes in variety of colors like green, red, burgundy and purple. The lovely blooms are usually brilliant in color in most varieties and are quite stunning when they emerge in late spring, early summer. This is a great little plant that looks great year around.

Despite its great all around qualities, you will be hard pressed in finding these at a local nursery. I have never seen them myself and ordered some via internet mail order from Directgardening.com and they have done absolutely great.

Care is very easy with this great accent border plant.  Being a Mediterranean native, heat is not a problem. It’s toughness is only surpassed by its great looks.  Very drought tolerant but it should be watered somewhat regularly when first planted until it’s established. Not very particular about soil, simply amend some garden soil with your native soil and this plant will do great. Takes winters like a champ as well. You may get a little die back on the top, simply clip off the dead areas if any and that’s it.

Now for a bit of a dark side. When cutting back, these plants secrete a white sap from the cut stems. Extreme care should be taken to keep this sap from your hands. Even more care should be taken from keeping the sap out of your face and eyes! The sap is toxic and known to cause temporary blindness. Wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly after cutting back! There are stories of people being hospitalized from getting the sap in their eyes. Make sure to keep children away from these plants. Also keep your dogs away! That being said, don’t let this keep you from planting these magnificent looking plants, just keep their toxicity in mind!

All in all, an awesome little plant that you will simply love. You won’t be able to plant enough of these, guaranteed!

Hardiness Zones: 5-8
Sun exposure: Full Sun to Mostly Sunny
Height: about 18?
Width: Varies up to 12″
Bloom time: Late spring, early summer
Bloom Color: varies from brilliant yellow to chartreuse
Watering: Average
Soil: Average, normal, amended clay

Availability: Direct Gardening, Bluestone Perennials

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