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How to Grow Rudbeckia Maxima Dumbo Ear Coneflower in Zone 7

Rudbeckia Maxima Dumbo Ear Coneflower

Rudbeckia Maxima Dumbo Ear Coneflower

If you want something amazing that nobody else is going to have in your neighborhood, consider the Rudbeckia Maxima. The Rudbeckia Maxima is perfect if you want to add some height in your garden. These incredible flowers grow stalks that are well over 6 feet with a great looking and large coneflower on top. The stalks are extremely rigid and the plant is very well rooted once established so they do not need any sort of staking. The flowers are very long lasting and after they fade, you are left with an interesting black cone full of seeds that birds love to eat. While these are grown for their flowers, their enormous basal leaves are just as incredible. Each leaf can get about 12″ long or more and are a blue steel color turning to green later in the season. The clump can get a few feet wide so some space will be required.

Growing these is very easy so long as you have a full sun spacious spot. They are relatively drought tolerant though I like to water mine on a regular basis because they are some of my favorites. ForThe Rudbeckia Maxima is an incredibly fast growing flowering perennial. I started out with some young plants that were pretty small and had a full grown plant the following season. They were planted late in the season so most of the growth was put on in less than a year. Another great thing about this plant is that it can be planted at just about any time during the growing season as they are extremely tough plants. I planted mine in the middle of the summer and they came through like champs. They are not particular about soil. Just amend some decent garden soil with your native soil and plant them. Water regularly until established then watch them grow like crazy. While it may not look it when you get it, keep in mind that these get huge! They grow well over 6 feet so keep that in mind.

Care is very easy.  You can leave the stalks for most of the growing season until they dry up completely. You can then just clip them off. You will need some strong pruners because the stalks are very strong.  Leave the leaves to overwinter as many of them will remain green. You can  clean up all the dead leaves in the spring and leave the surviving green ones.   All in all, a very care free plant.

Finding these will locally will probably be tricky. Sure you will see lots of regular old coneflowers  but these might prove hard to find. Luckily, you can get them via internet mail order  from Blue Stone Perennials. I have bought 6 from them and they have all done great.  I highly suggest you give these a try, you will love them and your neighbors will stop by asking you what they are!

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