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Tropical Feel Garden in Zone 7 – Canna Lily

I love tropical plants, but of course here in Zone 7, you cant have true tropicals. There is an alternative though. There are various temperate/marginally tropical plants which you can plant that can survive just fine in the Zone 7 winters. Since I have been in this area, the coldest it’s gotten has been about 10 degs. With that in mind, Zone 8 plants should be ok, with some protection just in case.  I will outline some of my favorite tropical feel plants over the next few posts. Here is my first.

Canna Lilies

Canna Lilies have large tropical looking foliage and beautiful blooms in various colors. They grow quite tall and are perfect for the back row of your tropical feel garden as long as they get full sun. They like moist soil and will work great in soggy soils. Some have reported them growing even in soils that are under water.  These are some of my favorite tropical feel plants for this area because they grow pretty fast and are very easy to grow. You can also get bulbs for a great price from places like Blooming Bulb. I like to start mine in pots and transfer them over to my chosen location when leaves start to unfold. I have found that they don’t seem to mind transplantation one bit.  They should be good to zone 7. Just cut them to the ground and mulch them over with a few inches of mulch after the stalks die in the first or second frost. You can plant them in colder areas but will probably need to dig them up.  In short, the Canna Lily is one you should definately try if you love that tropical feel.

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