June 2018
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Dragon’s Blood Sedum – vibrant color for your garden

Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood

Sedum is one of my favorite plants. There are so many varieties and the colors are spectacular. Sedum is very hardy and comes back yearly, even in the most extreme of weather and poorest of soils. They are very tolerant of heat, drought, humidity and cold weather. Don’t bother using good soil for Dragon’s Blood – you can save that for another plant, because it does well in poor soil with little to no moisture or watering.

Dragon’s Blood Sedum is a very beautiful sedum. The color is a vibrant redish burgundy from late summer to fall, when it turns a bright orange. For the best color, they should be put into full sun, at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. A shaded area would produce more of a green color. The foliage has been described as “needle-like” but I think they have more of a rosette appearance. Dragon’s Blood, like most other sedum, is a quick spreading plant.You don’t have to buy a lot to get a big effect. The carpet of this sedum is very dense and it’s a fairly short plant – ranging from about 3-5″.

Dragon’s Blood is adaptable in many settings, from rock gardens, borders, containers mixed with other plants or alone, under trees, etc. They add so much to your garden and are a nice change from green or yellow sedum. Actually Dragon’s Blood would nicely compliment those colors of any plant.

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